For her verbal presentation, Nadege talked through two Catholic festivals, Chandeleur and Mardi Gras, which both take place in February and are observed in France.

Nadege is French and has been in the UK for three years. She has been a regular attendee at our EAL zoom sessions since November 2020, prior to this she hadn’t joined any English classes.

View Nadege’s presentation by clicking the link below:

Today we share a presentation about one of Japan’s festivals, Setsubun. The presentation was created and delivered by two of our learners, Tomomi and Berrin who received a very enthusiastic response from our EAL Zoom group.

The final version of the presentation was achieved partly through group editing via the Zoom chatbox, and also through individual verbal contributions, just one of the ways we have adapted to virtual EAL learning.

Tomomi’s first language is Japanese and Berrin’s is Turkish so it is wonderful to see friendships blossoming from our activities.

Click the link below to view the presentation, we hope you enjoy learning about the Setsubun Festival:

Over the past few months, our learners have been sharing presentations on topics of their choice. Some have shared traditions from their cultures while others have offered helpful tips based on what they do for work.

Today’s presentation was created by Tonomi who lived in the UK for three years and attended our EAL groups until recently returning to Japan. A silver lining of shifting to Zoom lessons following the pandemic means she continues to be a most active member of our charity.

We hope you enjoy learning about Japanese New Year traditions, as told by Tonomi.