Last month, EAL students were asked to share their thoughts on Zoom learning and their experiences of preparing and delivering presentations on topics of interest during our group classes.

Their feedback has been compiled below and highlights the value of presentations in EAL learning, both in building confidence in delivering verbal presentations and using digital tools like Microsoft Powerpoint.

“It keeps my mind busy and pushes me to think in English. It’s rewarding to share your experience to others.” Azize (Turkish)

“I like to share my knowledge with people. Preparing and presenting presentations also means sharing. It means being interactive.” Berrin (Turkish)

“I’m shy, and giving a presentation requires me to speak, and it’s important if I want to progress.” Nadège (French)

“I learned many skills through preparing and presenting a presentation. It helped me to think more, gathering new information and sharing new information with others. It boosts up my confidence level.” Manju (Malayalam)

“It’s special chance to show people my interested things and my country. I can learn the knowledge for my friend’s home county, as if I attend the tour each country.” Tomomi (Japanese)

“It improved my confidence because I was able to present some elements of my culture to my British teacher and foreign friends in English which is not my mother tongue.” Hang (Vietnamese)

“I enjoy giving presentations because I learn and get confidence. I learn about different items, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary. I also learn from the corrections to others.” Ana S. (Spanish)

“Making presentations improved my basic skills in internet search and I have an idea how to prepare a PowerPoint presentation now. Also I improved my knowledge in arranging the sentences. Using prepositions.” Rafif (Arabic)

“I appreciated the opportunity was given to me and the attention to my presentation by all my zoom group.” Chiara (Italian)

“I think that preparing a presentation while learning English has contributed a lot to me.”

”I learned new words while researching the subject. Having the correct sentence helps improve grammar.” Nazli (Turkish)

All presentations created by our learners can be viewed on our Contributions page. You can also see our current EAL class schedule here.

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