Words by Georgina Choueiri

It was a family reunion after a long time….

My oldest sister from the USA, me from the UK and the rest of the family who live in Lebanon.

The decision was made to visit the most unique and beautiful place in the North of Lebanon – the Cedars of God – or the Arz al Rab in Arabic – which are 2,000 or 3,000 years old.

Driving from home, the journey across steep hills and narrow roads took about three hours.

The weather was cloudy and cool and the temperature around 15 degrees Centigrade.

There was no entrance fee but voluntary donations were encouraged. We had a great walk inside the charming old forest for about an hour, right into the centre where there is a tiny old church with a traditional design.

How wonderful it was to walk along the path through these ancient trees which released their scent into the forest air. Our joy was over the moon – everybody was amazed and happy! It was such a beautiful place with the giant trees, the valley, the mountains and the views of the hills. As they say – truly Heaven on Earth.

Everyone should visit this magical place……..

Afterwards we went to the nearby village of Bsharri which is the birthplace of the well known writer and poet Gibran Khalil Gibran. We bought souvenirs and shared a festive lunch at one of its famous restaurants.

The whole experience was unique and memorable and a wonderful discovery!

For a summary presentation of the wonders of the Cedars of Lebanon also created by Georgina, click the link below: