The following presentation was prepared by EAL student Nihal Doğan about Ebru – a traditional Turkish marbling art technique.

Nihal describes the different materials used to create ebru, the technique to create the marbling effect, and shares examples of the many beautiful varieties of ebru which can be created.

Find Nihal’s presentation below, we hope it inspires you as much as it did for us!

Joanna Tempowski, a retired scientist who previously worked for the World Health Organization (WHO), delivered a fascinating presentation to EAL learners, sharing interesting information about the establishment and role of the WHO.

Joanna Tempowski has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology of Man in his Environment and Russian, a Masters degree in Information Science, and a Diploma in Medical Toxicology. She worked as a specialist in poisons information at the National Poisons Information Service (London Centre) for eight years then as deputy manager of the centre for nine years. In 2001 she moved to Geneva, Switzerland to work as a scientist at the World Health Organization (WHO) in the Unit for Chemical Safety and Health, within the Department of Environment, Climate Change and Health.  

While at WHO Joanna worked in the following areas: establishment and strengthening of poisons centres in low and middle-income countries (LMIC); providing technical support to LMIC for response to chemical accidents and investigation of disease outbreaks of possible chemical origin; prevention and management of poisoning, particularly lead poisoning; supporting the work of the Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint and production of multilingual international chemical safety cards. Joanna retired from WHO in July 2020.