Learner Feedback

‘I came from Cuba alone and have been in the UK for 10 years. Now I get out of the house. These sessions make me more confident, improve my English and I make friends. Meeting other people makes you realise that people are friendly and I changed my ideas now I know about other cultures.’  MARLENYS (Spanish)


‘I do believe that the group has a wonderful impact on the lives of speakers of other languages as it encourages us to pursue our dreams, aim for the best and believe in ourselves. It really makes a difference in our lives.’  CORNELIA (Romanian)

‘Very, very helpful for me because I didn’t know any English at all when I came and I could not read or write at all. Now I can travel and go shopping by myself.’  DURGA (Hindi)

‘I have improved my English. Coming to these sessions stops depression. You get more confidence and learn about college, education and voluntary work.’  VEFA (Russian)

‘It’s been really joyful and useful to participate in these lovely EAL meetings. Given that the British are a very reserved and close culture, you would not understand behaviour codes without participating in these groups. The sessions are social meetings and I am surrounded by friends!’  EDIP (Turkish/Arabic)

This group can clean your heart from bad pre-conceptions about other cultures. It can improve us as humans because when we receive something for free from an inspiring teacher, we want to give something back. We are foreigners and in this class we can learn to behave properly in this culture. We can never learn these things in college.’  ISABELE (Portuguese)